Reopening Update & Resources

Reopening Update & Resources
Posted on 08/14/2020

This message is regarding cohort assignments, supply lists, miscellaneous information as well as an overview of the plan for students who have chosen to learn from home. 

Questions and Concerns: The information presented in this message is specific to building levels. Therefore, if you have questions/concerns about any of the information presented in this message, please contact your child(ren)’s principal by calling 607.844.8694 and follow the voice prompts to the appropriate school.

Cohort Assignments:  Cohort assignments are being mailed via the USPS this afternoon for students PK-12 who have elected to be “in-person”. If after you have received this letter, you have concerns about your child(ren)’s cohort assignment, please contact the school directly. Our student information system had to be reconfigured to construct the cohorts and much of the data exporting had to be done manually (a huge thank you to our IT Department and Clerical Staff!), so if something is amiss, please allow grace and assume positive intentions. Just reach out to us and we will figure it out! 

PK-5 Teacher Assignments and MS/HS Schedules: Along with the cohort assignments, PK-5 students will also receive their teacher assignment. MS/HS Schedules will be sent at the end of August. 

PK-5 Supply Lists: Please click on this link to access the supply list for all of PK-5. The List will also be posted on the website and the District’s social media platforms. Here is the link: PK-5 Supply List.

100% Remote Learners: For families who have selected to have students learn remotely from home 100% of the time, please click on this link to an overview of the instructional plan for each level: Dryden Remote Learning.  In the near future, families of students who have elected 100% remote learning will be invited to “attend” a Virtual Orientation for 100% Remote Learning prior to the start of the school year.

Remote Learning Resources: Families can find resources for online learning at the following link: Cheryl Covell, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, will be scheduling the following online sessions for families to support their children with learning at home: 

  • Google for Parents (including basics around Meet, Classroom, and other Suite functions)

  • Seesaw for Pre-K and K Parents (Seesaw is the “Google Classroom” for Pre-K and K students)

  • PAPER for parents of students in Grades 6-12, an online tutoring program

  • Additional Sessions for PK-8 parents on Math and ELA tech resources

Be on the lookout for dates and times. 

Tech Helpline: 100% Remote Learners and Hybrid Learners will still have access to the District’s Tech Helpline at 607.844.8694 x.4111.

Reliable Internet: If you do not have access to reliable internet in your home, please contact the District’s Tech Helpline at 607.844.8694 x.4111. We have additional hotspots and data to support your child(ren). 

First Day of School: The First Day of School will be Wednesday is September 9, 2020. As has been previously communicated, Wednesdays are virtual learning day for all PK-12 students. Shortly, you will receive more information from specific schools about what the first day of school will “look” like, including device pick up for all PK-12 students. 

Facebook Live Sessions: Per Governor Cuomo’s directive, public school districts are required to hold three additional “meetings” with families regarding reopening. The Dryden Central School District will be conducting these meetings to update the public on Facebook Live on 17-AUGUST-2020 at 9:00 AM, 3:00 PM, and 6:00 PM. These times have slightly changed. They will be recorded and posted to the website for people who are not on the Facebook platform. 

Dryden School Age Childcare Program (DSACCP): The DSACCP is a childcare program housed at Dryden Elementary School for students in grades K-5. This program will run before and after school using the same guidance the District is required to adhere to in order to ensure safety and minimize exposure to COVID-19. 

The District is expanding this program for the 2020-2021 school year.  Limited slots of all day childcare will be offered through the DSACCP  for students enrolled in our “in-person” program (100% remote learners are not eligible for this program). Students enrolled in all day childcare will attend the program on their “off” in person days. We are able to offer 40 additional slots for the Purple cohort and 40 additional slots for the White cohort. 

The DSACCP will not be open on Wednesdays for a variety of logistical and financial reasons. Please refer to our FAQ on our website regarding additional child care resources for families. Attached to this message are the enrollment papers, fee structures, and information about the program. Here is the link to the application: DSACCP Letter. Registration is first come, first serve. You can email completed registrations to Dawn Wenzel at [email protected] or mail them to: DSACCP c/o DCSD PO Box 88 Dryden, NY 13053. 

**Please note: If you have an outstanding balance from last year’s program, you will not be able to re-enroll in the DSACCP until payment has been received and processed.** 

YMCA Childcare Program: The YMCA program is working out the logistics of offering additional but limited all day childcare spots at Cassavant Elementary School. The YMCA Childcare Program is an independently operated program. Our relationship with them is client and vendor. When we know more about the range of services they will be able to offer, we will let you know. 

TST BOCES: Our partners at TST BOCES have been outstanding. They are ready to serve our students enrolled in P-TECH, CTE courses, Alternative Education, and Special Education Programs. However, their first day of school with students will not be until 14-SEP-2020. Please contact the HS Office for BOCES queries about P-TECH, CTE, and Alternative Education. Please contact the Office of Student Services for BOCES queries about Special Education Programming.