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Photo of Dryden Boys Soccer Team 2021
Dryden Boys Soccer Team 2021

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This Week's Highlights


Whitney Point 0-0-0
Dryden           8-4-12
Casey Phillips 3-0
Matt Mckewin-Bates 2-2
Nolan Weik 2-0
Corey Matesanz 0-3
Gage Hinckley 1-0
Jackson Crocker 0-1
TJ Osied 1-0
Cole Goggan 1-0
Rickey Bachner 1-0
Ben Hicks 1-0
WP 1/0
Dryden 38/3
WP Owen Dunham 10
Dryden Steven Morrow 1
We played well tonight. We moved the ball well and our young players stepped up. They have done well to improve and it showed tonight. Whitney Point played a spirited game and worked very hard. They have improved a lot since we last played them. I like that. Casey scored 3 goals in seven and a half minutes into the game. Matt scored two and set up two of our young players. We worked on our youth today and they have shown their improvement today. I was quite pleased with their progress.  Corey played well on the flank and had 3 assists and set up many other opportunities.  We are moving forward and looking forward to the IAC Final on Saturday. We don't know who we will play yet nor where. 

Owego 0-1-1
Dryden 1-1-2
Casey Phillips 2-0
Nolan Weik 0-1
Yuri Birtch 1-0 O Pk
Shots/ Corners
Owego 12/4
Dryden 11/1
Goalkeepers/ Saves
Dryden Steven Morrow 10
Owego N/A 2 They did not provide it.
We played really well tonight. The stats do not necessarily reflect it because of the long shots. We certainly learned how to play vs STAC competition.  So much theatrics.  But we did get through it.  Casey found the goal twice in real play and we moved the ball really well. It was a very physical game today as that is how they play in STAC. We will learn from it and go forward.  I really liked our defense today. A Pk late in the game brought them close.  Steven was really on it in goal for us today. 
We finish our regular season with Whitney Point on Tuesday. We are now 9-0 for the season. 

Attention Varsity Team ~ Practices start  3/8/21

Attention JV Team ~ No offered during the 20-21 season 

Attention Mod Team ~ Practice starts 4/5/21

Division titles: 1993, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008
IAC titles: 2003, 2006, 2007
Sectional titles: 2004

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Varsity: Laszlo Engel
Modified: Alisandra Bustamante