Cross Country

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Good luck to our Varsity Cross Country team as they travel to Chenango Valley State Park tomorrow to participate in the Sectional meet! Let’s go Lions!  🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ #lionpride (11/3/22)

If there is anyone interested in competing in a new sport, that will help relieve some stress, improve your cardiovascular fitness at the same time? Come and join the cross country team!
Did you know that on top of the short term effects of the release of dopamine while running, recent studies have shown running causes more profound, long-lasting changes to brain function! Not only is running a great short-term stress reliever, and a great way to exercise, it is also proven to help improve memory, and boost confidence! If anyone is interested in joining cross country there is still time to sign up on the athletics page. Please see Mr. Raponi in the Middle School.

This Week's Highlights

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ND v TAE Dry NV boys mod. results 

ND v TAE Dry NV girls mod. results 

ND v TAE Dry NV girls varsity results

ND v TAE Dry NV boys varsity results 

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Photos, team news, game summaries, etc. are all generated by submissions from coaches, players, and parents. Please send along any such submissions to Lisa Stamp in the Athletic Office. They are greatly appreciated.

Frank Raponi