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Division  titles: 1979, 1980, 1988
IAC titles: 1977, 1979, 1980, 1988

Dryden Varsity Softball vs Trumansburg 5/19/21
Final Score: Dryden 18, Trumansburg 3
Dryden 2021 Season Record: 6-3-0
Another solid showing for the varsity softball team as they took on Trumansburg on Wednesday.  With only 2 strikeouts Dryden had a great night at the plate.  Leading the way were Natalie Day with 3 doubles and  Ava Henry with two singles and an over the fence homerun!  Dryden had an additional 6 hits: Shalyne Ingalls (Single), Kahlen Cornell (Double), Morgan Best (Double), Maggie Murphy (2 Doubles), and Danyelle Tripp-Lumley (Double).  McLennan was on the mound for Trumansburg.  Morgan Best and Kahlen Cornell split the game on the mound for Dryden tallying  5 and 7 strikeouts each.
Dryden will take on Whitney Point at home on Friday as they celebrate their six seniors.

Dryden Varsity Softball vs Lansing 5/17/21

Final score: Lansing 6, Dryden 5
Dryden 2021 Season Record: 5-3-0
It was a tough loss for Dryden as they took on Lansing at home to start off a packed week of softball.  Dryden jumped out in the first inning to take the early lead at 2-0.  They held Lansing to just one run through the 5th inning and were able to add an additional 3 runs on their lead.  Morgan Best was at the mound for Dryden, throwing 8 strikeouts in 5 1/3 innings and giving up only 2 hits.  Kahlen Cornell finished the game throwing 3 strikeouts in the final innings.  On the mound for Lansing was Ashley Bell with 7 strikeouts.  Several players contributed to the 10 hit total for Dryden:  Lindsey Allen (Single, Double), Chloe Russell (Double), Kahlen Cornell ( 2 Singles), Morgan Best (Single), Cassie Seng (2 Singles), Natalie Day (Single) and Ava Henry (Single).  A big 6th inning for Lansing with 5 runs put them in the lead and they were able to hold the lead for the win at 6-5.  
Dryden will take on Trumansburg Wednesday May 19th.

Dryden vs Whitney Point -5/16/21
Final score: 11-3
Dryden 2021 Season Record: 5-2-0

The Dryden varsity softball team advanced their record with another win on Friday over Whitney Point. Dryden again jumped out quickly with a 4 run first inning.  Dryden tallied a total of 11 hits as a team. Kahlen Cornell led the night with a single and an over the fence homerun! Additional Hits were by: Lindsey Allen (single), Chloe Russell (Double), Morgan Best (2 singles), Cassie Seng (Double), Ava Henry (single), Mackenzie Rochford (Single), Maggie Murphy (2 Doubles).  Morgan Best threw 8 strikeouts in the first five innings and Kahlen Cornell came in to finish the game with 4 additional strikeouts in the final two innings.

Dryden has a busy week ahead with 4 games on the schedule. They will take on Lansing on Monday at home to start the week off.

Dryden vs Trumansburg Softball game -5/12/21
Final score: Dryden 20, Trumansburg 1
Dryden 2021 Season record:  4-2-0

Dryden was back on their home field on Wednesday for their second match against Trumansburg this season.  Dryden took the early lead with a 2-1 score after the first inning and from there scored multiple runs in each of the following innings to take the win in 5 innings.  Pitching for Trumansburg were Walden and McLennan.  Dryden split the game pitching with Morgan Best leading things off, Kahlen Cornell in the middle and finishing the game for the win was Natalie Day - closing the game in the 5th inning with a strikeout and no hits in her 2021 season pitching debut.
Hits were by: Chloe Russell (Single), Kahlen Cornell (2 singles), Morgan Best (2 singles), Danyelle Tripp (Single), Ava Henry (SIngle), Mackenzie Rochford (Single) and Natalie Day (Single).

Dryden will have their fourth game of the week when they take on Whitney Point on Friday May 14th.

Dryden vs Port Byron Softball game -5/11/21
Final score:  Dryden 7, Port Byron 5
Dryden 2021 record: 3-2-0

Dryden Varsity softball was on the road again on Tuesday traveling to take on Port Byron.  Dryden jumped ahead quickly with a big first inning with 6 runs.  Morgan Best started the game on the mound, tallying 3 strikeouts.  Kahlen Cornell came in to finish the game pitching the final 2 innings, with 3 strikeouts as well.  Hits from multiple players helped fuel the strong showing by Dryden:  Lindsey Allen (single), Cassie Seng (single), Rochford (single), Murphy (single).  Seng also led the way in stolen bases with 3.  Port Byron turned it on at the plate in the 4th and 5th innings bringing in 4 runs but Dryden was able to hold them there for the win at 7-4.

Dryden will take on Trumansburg at home on 5/12/21.

Dryden vs  Lansing Varsity Softball game -5/10/21
Final score: Lansing 9, Dryden 7
Dryden 2021 record: 2-2-0

Dryden Varsity softball was on the road today to play Lansing in their second meeting of the 2021 season.  Kahlen Cornell was on the mound for Dryden with 10 strikeouts and only one walk in 6 innings.  Pitching for Lansing was Kiara Lovejoy with 7 strikeouts in 7 innings.  Lansing jumped out to a 4-0 lead in the first inning.  Dryden held them to 2 runs over the next 3 innings while putting up 5 runs with hits from Kahlen Cornell (single) and Maggie Murphy (double).  Over the final 3 innings Lansing was able to outscore Dryden for a final score of 9-7 win for Lansing.

Dryden will take on Port Byron on Tuesday May 11th.

Dryden vs Whitney Point Varsity Softball game -5/7/21

Final score: Dryden 16, Whitney Point 4
Dryden 2021 Record: 2-1-0

It was a chilly wet Friday night game for Dryden Varsity Softball as they took on Whitney Point at home.  Morgan Best was on the mound for Dryden pitching the entire game with 13 strikeouts before the game was called in the top of the 6th due to rain.  Pitching for Whitney Point was Somers, a 7th grader, with 9 strikeouts.  Dryden saw hits from three players - Lindsey Allen with a single and a double, Chloe Russell with a double and a triple and Maggie Murphy with three singles.   Great base running resulted in 16 runs for the Dryden Lions to take the win 16-4.

Dryden will take on Lansing on Monday May 10th.

Dryden vs Trumansburg Varsity Softball game -5/5/21

Final score: Dryden 12, Trumansburg 5
Dryden 2021 Record: 1-1-0
Dryden Varsity Softball had their first game on the road tonight when they took on Trumansburg.
Kahlen Cornell was on the mound for Dryden with 10 strikeouts, and McLehnan pitching for Trumansburg with 3 strikeouts.  The first inning saw runs for both teams to start the game off at 1-1.  Dryden had hits from a multitude of players.  Trumansburg was able to answer with several hits as well but Dryden drove in 4 runs in the 3rd and 5th innings and a final 4 runs in the final inning to take the win at 12-5 in game 2 of their 2021 season.
Dryden will take on Whitney Point on Friday May 7th.

Dryden vs Lansing Varsity Softball game - 5/3/21
Final score Lansing 8, Dryden 7
Dryden team record 2021 - 0-1-0

Dryden Varsity softball took to their newly renovated field for the first time since 2019 tonight to face Lansing.  Morgan Best and Kahlen Cornell split the game on the mound for a combined 13 strikeouts.  Dryden led 2-1 going in to the 5th inning, which proved to be a busy inning on both sides with Lansing scoring 7 runs in the top of the inning and Dryden responding with 5 runs scored in the bottom of the inning.  Both teams then held the other to no runs in the final 2 innings, for Lansing to take the win 8-7 in the season opener for both teams.

Dryden will play Trumansburg, Whitney Point and Port Byron in a busy first week for the 2021 season.
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