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Photographed by Darl Zehr

Photographed by Darl Zehr

Division titles: 1994, 1996, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2012, 2014, 2015
IAC titles: 1990, 1994, 1996, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2012, 2014, 2015
Sectional titles: 2003

This Week's Highlights


Dryden 6/3 Waverly 9/0
Saves Dryden Chloe Rocker 6 Waver.y Lea Cole 4
Goals and assists
Waverly Lea VanAllen 1 goal
an own goal was the other. 

Waverly defeated Dryden 2-0 tonight at Dryden. Waverly scored in the first half on an own goal and Lea Van Allen scored a second half goal to seal the victory. Waverly will play a tie breaker at END on Thursday for a bid for the IAC championship. Dryden completes it regular season at 10-5

Goals and assists
Lansing  Ava Wilder 2   Emma Heasley 1
SHots and COrners
Lansing 9/1
Dryden 2/1
Saves Lansing
Iris Boremen 2
Dryden Claudia Bachner 5

Dryden was defeated by Lansing 3-0 tonight in Lansing, the score at half was 2-0.

Scoring by 1/2
Dryden 1-2-3
TBurg 0-0-0
Dryden 12/5
TBurg 3/0
Saves Dryden Clkaudia Bachner 3
TBurg Anna Parker 8
Goals assists
Ally Deeley 2g
Nicole Morrow `1g
Lauren Guilin 1a
McKenna Crocker 1a
On a rainy night in Dryden as they celebrated their seniors, Dryden defeated T Burg 3-0.
Ally Deeley had a goal in each half with the first goal of the match in the final minute of the half.  Nicole Morrow added the 3rd on the night.  Lauren Guilini and McKenna each had an assist. Claudia Bachner handled 3 shots for her shut out.  Dryden will travel to Lansing Saturday night .


Scoring by half
Dryden 4-1-5
Marathon 1-0-1
Dryden 8/4
Marathon 7/1
Saves Dryden Chloe ROcker 6
Marathon Kendra Elison 3

Marathon jumped to an early 1-0 lead and Dryden came back with 4 unanswered goals in the first half. Ally Deeley led the Lions (8-1 league 9-3 overall)  with 3 goals and an assist on the day.  Hollace Finver and Emma Lobdell rounded out the scoring. Dryden will play again at home VS T-Burg on Monday for senior night with a 6:30 start. 


Ally Deeley scored 3 goals and had 1 assist against Whitney Point at Whitney Point.  Emma Lobdell scored a beautiful goal with her head off a McKenna Crocker Kick.  
Scoring by half 
Dryden 6-2-8
WP 0-0-0
Dryden 19/14
WP 0/0
Dryden Chloe ROcker 0 Ella Blomfield Brown 0
WP Grayson Ayres 7

Goals and assists
Dryden Ally deeley 3/1
McKenna Crocker1/1
Emma Lobdell 1/0
Lauren Gulini 1/1
Hollace Finver 1/0
Laci Prignon 1/0

Dryden will travel to Marathon on Wednesday


Shots and Corners
Dryden 7/5
Lansing 8/4

Saves Dryden Chloe Rocker 4
Lansing Iris Boremen 4
Goals and assists:
Luani Haslinger
Kiara Tomosolio 1g
Emma Heasley 1g

Dryden travels to Susquehanna Valley on Saturday for a non league game at 2 pm

Dryden has its first league loss tonight at home vs Lansing. Stats in this game rang pretty close to even though Dryden was just not able to find the net.  Lansing scored midway into the first half and grabbed a second one in the final 3 minutes of the half.  Lansing outshot Dryden in the 1st half 6-1 but Dryden outshot Lansing 6-2 in the second half.  The final goal came for Lansing with 1:30 remaining on the clock when Dryden sent numbers forward to try to get a late goal. Lansing goals Haslinger, Tomosciolo and Heasly.


Dryden 28/9
SCCS 0/0

Save Dryden Chloe Rocker 0
SCCS Cennedi Mccarthy 23

Scoring by half
Dryden 0-2-2
SCCS 0-0-0
Goals Dryden Nicole Morrow 1 g
Emma Lobdell 1g
After a scoreless half Dryden defeated Southern Cayuga at Dryden today by a score of 2-0. Nicole Morrow scored off a rebound of her own shot 3 minutes into the second half and Emma Lobdell finished the scoring with a PK in the final 9 minutes of play. Dryden will host Lansing Wednesday at Dryden at 7pm


Shots /corners
Dryden 16/9
T-Burg 6/3
Dryden Chloe Rocker 3
T-Burg Anna Parker 10
Scoring by half
Dryden 0-0-0-1-1
T-burg 0-0-0-0-0

Trumansburg girls soccer held Dryden scoreless in regulation and the first OT tonight as Dryden finally finds the goal from a pass from Nicole Morrow to McKenna Crocker at the top of the box in the second overtime for Dryden's win tonight.  Emma Lobdell was outstanding in the back for Dryden as an energized and tenacious T-Burg kept breaking through the midfield. Her efforts held T-Burg to 6 shots.


Scoring by half
Dryden 3 4 7
USPB 0 0 0

Shots and Corners
Dryden 27 7
USPB 4 1

Dryden Chlor Rocker 4
USPB Danielle Waldron 13

Goals and assists
Ally Deeley 4 g
Nicole Morrow 1g 2 a
Lauren Guilini 1g 1a
Ella Blomfield Brown 1g
Mckenna Crocker 1a
Emma Lobdell 1a

Dryden opened the scoring 25 seconds into the game from Ally Deeley who had 4 goals on the night. Chloe Rocker made 4 saves for Dryden on the night.  Dryden will go to Trumansburg Friday at 4:30


Scoring by half 
Dryden 7-7-14
WP 0-0-0

Dryden 31/10
Whitney Point 0/0

Dryden Claudia Bachner 0 Ella Blomfield Brown 0
WHitney Point Mikenzie SUmma and Unknown name 4

GOals and Assists
Dryden ALly Deeley 4/2
McKenna Crocker 4/1
Walaa Alshoffe 2g
laci Prignon 3g
Nicole Morrow 1 g 1a
LAuren Guilini 1a
Emma Lobdell 1a
CLaudia Bachner 1a
Dryden moves to 4-0 in the league defeating Whitney Point 14-0 Walaa Alshoffe scored 2 goals ,
Ally Deeley Had 4 goals and assists and McKenna Crocker had 4 goals and 1 assist on the night.  WHitney Point Gk MCKenze Summa had 10 saves on the night.


Scoring by half  

Dryden 1-1-2
Groton 0-0-0

SHots and corners
Dryden 26 and 5
Groton 0 and 1

Dryden Chloe ROcker 0
Groton Elisa Allen 20

Goals and assists
Nicole Morrow 1 goal
Ally Deeley 1 goal
Emma Lobdell 1 assist
Lauren Guilini 1 assist

Dryden defeated Groton tonight at Dryden.  A goal was scored in each half by Dryden.  Nicole Morrow opened the scoring with Three minutes remaining in the half off a cross from Emma Lobdell. Midway through the second half Ally Deeley finished off a pass from Lauren Guilini and snuck it in the far post.   Dryden's defense held Groton to no shots on frame for the game.  Dryden is now 3-1 and 3-0 in the league. 


Shots and Corners

Dryden 18/4
Moravia 6/0

Dryden Bloomfield Brown 3 Rocker 1
Moravia Myers 6

Scoring by half

Dryden 4-6-10
Moravia 1-0-1

Dryden Ally Deeley 4 G 1 A
LAci Prignon 1g
Nicole Morrow 2g
Hollace Finver 1g1a
Lauren Guilini 1g
Emma Lobdell 1g

Dryden Girls Varsity soccer traveled to Moravia for a contest today.  Dryden opened up the scoring 15 minutes into the first half with a goal from Laci Prignon who cleaned up a rebound off a save from Moravias GK Meyers.  Moravia answered one minute later with a goal from Russell.   Ally Deeley then took over and scored 2 first half goals and two second half goals to lead Dryden to a margin of 10-1.  Dryden Will play at HOme Friday at 7 VS Groton.  Dryden is now 2-1 overall and 2-0 in the league. 


4 second half goals lift Dryden as the Dryden Varsity girls soccer team open league play with a 4-0 win vs Union Springs Port Byron. 

The first half Dryden and USPB both had several opportunities to score both USPB goal keeper Danielle Waldron and Drydens Chloe Rocker made great saves to keep both teams scoreless.  Dryden scored early with 3 quick goals in the first 6 minutes of the second half to change the tempo and look of the game.  Dryden is now 1-1 and 1-0 in league play. Dryden Travels to Moravia on Wednesday.

Score by half
Dryden 0-4-4
USPB 0-0-0
SHots and corners
Dryden 24/4
USPB 8/5
Dryden Chloe Rocker 6
USPB Danielle Waldron 10

Goals and Assists 
Dryden  Ally Deeley 1-0
LAci Prignon 1-1
Lauren Guilini 1-0
Nicole Morrow 1-0
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