4/27/2020 Capital Project Update

4/27/20 Capital Project Update
Posted on 04/27/2020
Work week of 4/20/20– 4/24/20

Phase 2

o Siracusa – pre testing for equipment start up and install spilt heating/ AC units
o Boland’s – form side walk sections at the front of the building, Whitmore fence mobilized to start new fencing install
o Knapp – fiber optic line terminations, internet is now on line, exposed conduit piping in the maintenance bays
o Edger – remove temp door opening install aluminum entrance door where temp heaters were located
o Westmatic – bus wash system installation

Phase 3
o FAHS –  form and pour remainder of events facility footings and walls and back fill, demo existing hot box and work on new storm lines for building, class room ceiling demo/ replacement in upper C and B wings, finish stage wall painting, stud and drywall wall for the OP/PT room
o Nelcorp – Continued on lighting upgrades at both the High school DES, rough in under slab electric for the events facility
o Siracusa – set fixtures for Nurses suite and fitness center bathrooms, pipe fitness center drinking fountain
Work week of 4/27/20 – 5/1/20

Phase 2 
o Edger – Will resume work on floor finishes, final paint and punch list work
o Knapp – will continue with installing electrical fixtures and devices and run conduit in the mechanics bays
o Siracusa – will do start up on the boilers, raise the heaters in the bus wash and complete equipment insulation
o Boland’s – will continue forming and pouring curbs and sidewalks and grading the site and continue pavement sub base install
o Westmatic – will continue installing the automated bus wash system

Phase 3 
o Siracusa – will complete fixtures in the nurses suite and adjoining bathroom, prep for sanitary and domestic water for the vents facility and install fin tube covers in the Gen ED rooms
o Nelcorp -   will continue class room ceiling lighting upgrades in the High school wing and DES, start the under ground electrical service for the events facility
o Fahs – Will install remaining sub base material and prep for the slab pour on the events facility along with continuing with the underground utilizes and the removal of the old hot box pipe, demolition and re install of class room ceilings will continue on the upper C wing and B wing, ceilings will be installed in the nurses suite and the new OP/PT room separation wall drywall will be completed and finishing will start along with the D wing locker in fill

Phase 4 
o Schuler – Hass – will be getting the first light fixture deliver and will likely be starting light upgrades at the Cassavant and Freeville Buildings within the next two weeks

bus wash

new ceiling

ceiling lights

ceiling light paint

events facility