New Student Registration

Registering Your Child For School

Welcome to the Dryden Central School District.  Parents/Guardians who would like to register a child should complete the pre-registration process online and finalize the process with the district registrar.  Please follow the directions provided within the Online Pre-Registration system to complete your public school, non-public/private school or homeschool census registration for your child.  Please contact Kati Coon, District Registrar, with any questions at 607-844-8694 ext. 2608.

Registration Process
  1. Read all directions provided in the Online Pre-Registration Portal prior to starting your enrollment
  2. Download, fill in and save the following supplemental forms from the Welcome Menu. These documents can be uploaded during the online registration process.
    1. Residency Questionnaire
    2. Student Transportation Form
    3. Home Language Questionnaire
    4. Health Office Medical Information
    5. Authorization for the Exchange of Health Information
  3. Make sure to have the following documents available
    1. Proof of Residency
    2. Proof of Birth
    3. Proof of Custody
    4. Immunizations and Most Recent Physical
  4. Complete the online pre-registration process for your child.
  5. On the Additional Information screen, check and complete all appropriate sections.  Please upload the supplemental documents, proof of residency, proof of birth, and proof of custody at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Once you have completed your online pre-registration, the registrar will call you to complete the registration process.

Home School Information
Parents planning to home school their children should complete the Online Pre-Registration.  Please make note in the Additional Comments section “Home School CENSUS”.  We request proof of residency be uploaded during your online pre-registration.  Once you have completed the online pre-registration, please fill out the Letter of Intent to Homeschool and email it to the DCSD District Registrar.

More information about homeschooling in Tompkins County can be found at TST BOCES Home Instruction.

Attending Non-Public/Private Schools
Parents enrolling students in a non-public/private or charter school program should complete the Online Pre-Registration for a census registration with their home district.  In the Additional Comments section, please note which non-public/private school your child will be enrolled at.

Change of Address Information

  1. Fill out the Residency Questionnaire located under Resources.  When changing your address, please provide proof of residency documentation.
  2. Submit your completed Residency Questionnaire with valid proof of residency to the District Registrar.  Email or mail to DCSD, Attn:  District Registrar, PO Box 88, Dryden, NY 13053
  3. The registrar will process your change of address and notify any educational programs and the transportation department to make updates in their systems.

Complaints concerning enrollment and registration can be submitted to the Office of Attorney General (OAG) by mail to 120 Broadway, 23rd Floor, New York, NY   10271, by phone to (212) 416-8250, or by email to

Online Pre-Registration 

Online Pre-Registration

ENL Brochure (English version)
Inglés como Nuevo Idioma
o Home Language Questionnaire

Student Transportation

Health Office Medical Information
Authorization for the Exchange of Health Information

Residency Questionnaire

Please Note

The District Registrar is located in the District Office at 118 Freeville Rd.  Due to Covid-19, Families should call the registrar at 607-844-8694 ext. 2608 to make an appointment before coming to the building.


Children must be five on or before December 1. 

Pre-K Program

The Dryden Central School District offers a Pre-K program, on a limited basis, to residents of the Dryden School District. Pre-K program decisions are part of the budgeting process. The number of students we are able to serve is dependent of the outcome of the budget process and budget vote.

The Dryden Pre-Kindergarten Program is a free program for four-year-old students who reside in the district. Students must be four years old prior to Dec. 1 of the school year to be in the program, and they may not be five years old. The Pre-K program follows the school district calendar and the school hours closely.

Selection for the Pre-K program is done through a public drawing, and the applications are drawn until the program is full. We then continue drawing names and keep an ordered list so that we can offer any future openings to those children in the order that their names were drawn.

The drawing of the applications will be held on the last Thursday in May at 3:45PM in the District Office. You do not need to be present at the drawing and all applicants will be notified of their placement within a week of the drawing.

Please go to the Online Pre-Registration Portal to submit your application for PK. Deadline to submit PK applications is May 17, 2022.