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Dryden Varsity Lacrosse created the "You Matter" movement at Dryden High School to honor the memory of former Dryden Lion Lacrosse Coach, Matt Williams, a McGraw teacher who succumbed to suicide in 2022. Dryden Athletics is building momentum with "You Matter” by hosting mental health awareness games.
Photo of Matt Williams symbol used to honor the memory of Matt Williams (Pictured left to right: Matt Williams and symbol designed to honor him by as well as spread mental health awareness. It was created by fellow Dryden Lacrosse Coach, Justin Williams and his son Brendan Williams.)

Our Mission:

The "You Matter" mission is to help people through their inner struggles, no matter how big or small, by promoting positive mental health and suicide prevention. We envision a world where people are not afraid to talk about their struggles and are open to receiving help with their mental and emotional health.  

All proceeds from t-shirt sales sold at mental health awareness games support the Dryden School Hand Fund, which helps our school social workers in getting the resources and counseling our students need to succeed. 
If you wish to donate:

If you wish to donate, you can either Venmo @Drydenfogo or can send a check to Dryden Central Schools for the Dryden School Hands Fund, PO Box 88, Dryden NY, 13053. 
Follow the movement:

If anyone would like to keep up with the movement or see when the latest mental health sports games are, please go follow @youmatter_iniative Instagram.
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Photo is linked to a podcast about the you matter movement Photo is linked to a podcast about the you matter movement

We would like to thank all of those involved with this movement and hope to continue to make an impact in these young people's lives. We want this to be a reminder every day that You Matter! For more mental resources, visit Mental Health 101 or text the lifeline 988 (available 24/7) to speak with a professional on getting emotional support.