DHS Art Students Nominated for Regional Honors

DHS Art Students Nominated for Highest Regional Honors
Posted on 02/12/2020
Each year, five works of writing and five works of art from each region in New York State are selected by local judges as American Voices & Visions nominees. Two Dryden High School art students were recently nominated for this award. 

Dryden High School students Naomi Cator-Syzmanski and Spencer Strickland created two out of the five art pieces selected from the Finger Lakes Region. They have each been nominated for an American Visions Medal, a highest regional artistic honor. The regional award winner will be announced on March 16.

Cator-Syzmanski's nominated drawing was titled Undeniably Controversial and Strickland's nominated short film was titled Dolor.

Medalists from all over New York State are celebrated during National Events and at the National Exhibition in New York City.

Congratulations to Naomi and Spencer on this fantastic nomination! 

Art Award
Undeniably Controversial, a drawing by DHS art student Naomi Cator-Syzmanski.

Short Film
Dolor, a short film created by DHS art student Spencer Strickland.