Kids on bus

Welcome to the Dryden Transportation Department!

The goal of the Transportation Department is to insure the safest and most comfortable ride that we can provide.

To promote our goal we need the help of parents, students and all of the faculty and staff at Dryden Central School.

Transportation Requests to Non-Public Schools for 2022-2023

Residents of the Dryden Central School District, who wish to have their child(ren) transported to a non-public school for 2022-2023 are reminded that the state established deadline for such requests is April 1 each year.

Requests for the new school year should be addressed to Carrie Merriman, District Clerk, Dryden Central School, P.O. Box 88, Dryden, NY 13053. Forms are also available at individual schools or the Dryden Central School Transportation Department. Questions regarding transportation may be addressed to the Transportation Supervisor at (607) 844-4221. The application form can be found to the right.

Activity Bus Routes

Activity Bus run is being used by many students this year. Since different students ride the bus each day, we cannot provide a "schedule" for the stops, but we can provide the four routes so that parents can calculate the approximate time of arrival for any given stop.

The buses leave the MS-HS at 5p.m. with these four routes and, remember, that these runs are group stops so students may have to walk short distances from the bus stop to home. 

Bus Expectations
  • Stay in your seats
  • Act and speak appropriately
  • Follow directions the first time
  • Eating, drinking & spitting aren't allowed
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • You can make the ride safe.