Alexia Michitti

Professional Soccer Player Alexia Michitti Inspires the Next Generation of Dryden Students
Posted on 01/30/2024

Dryden Elementary School recently hosted professional soccer player, Alexia Michitti, for an inspirational talk on January 12th, 2024. The event was a tremendous success and left a lasting impression on students, teachers, and the community. Michitti discussed what it is like being a professional athlete, how she wants to uplift those facing physical challenges, and shared some of her stellar soccer moves. 

Michitti, originally from Vestal, New York, was a standout soccer player in high school and currently studies at SUNY Oneonta. She broke records when she joined both the United States’ National Amputee Soccer Team and the inaugural National Women’s Amputee Soccer Team. In addition, she has showcased an unwavering spirit and commitment to the sport with being the only female player on the co-ed National Amputee Soccer Team. 

In September of 2023, she flew to Warsaw, Poland to represent the United States as a goalkeeper during the international Amp Futbol Cup. This was a monumental achievement and ended with her winning MVP of the game. “It was a dream come true!,” she exclaimed enthusiastically, ”It was surreal. There were 5,000 people in the stands, which is a lot for an amputee soccer game. You could barely hear my coach yelling because the fans were going crazy…a new door opened for people who are amputees and have limb differences. The opportunity was incredible and I am grateful to say that I was a part of that.” 

Born without a right hand, Michitti defies the constraints of physical limitations. Her journey has become a testament to the power of perseverance as she not only plays the sport she loves, but also kicks down barriers proving that true strength lies in one’s abilities to rise above challenges and redefine what is possible. Using her insightful knowledge, she speaks  to young people about her experiences. During her presentation, she emphasized the importance of respect. “You should be respectful about how other people look, but also respect yourself and your differences. Be proud of who you are.” Growing up it was not always easy for Michitti, she often would hide her arm in pictures or move it behind her back when meeting new people. It took some time to embrace who she is today, “There have been times when I was younger I would ask myself, ‘why did this happen to me?’ But at the same time my life would not be how it is now if it did not happen. I am grateful I was born like this and it is a part of who I am. I have learned to use it as a strength instead of hiding it.”

Dryden Central School District is honored to have had Michitti speak to and inspire students. Her message to be authentically who you are has sparked conversation across classrooms and in the hallways. Growing up Michitti looked to role models like professional baseball pitcher Jim Abbot and professional surfer Bethany Hamilton for inspiration. Now in November of 2024, she will continue to push boundaries and represent the United States on the world stage by traveling to Colombia to play in the first ever Amputee Women’s World Cup. The Dryden Lions wish Michitti the best of luck and will be cheering her on from across the globe.