Coaches Corner

Want to coach at Dryden?
For all requirements for applying to be a coach (paid or volunteer), please visit our Human Resources page.

All correspondence/questions concerning - Dryden specific coaching certification should go to:
Human Resources
607-844-8694, ext. 2609

Coaches Concussion Course Information:
Coach of the Year Awards
2013: Janine Bennett, Varsity Girls Soccer
2012: Laszlo Engel, Varsity Boys Soccer
2011: Vicki Alexander, Varsity Girl's Swimming/Diving
2010: Jonna Ball, JV Softball, JV Volleyball
2009: Kim Brown, Varsity Baseball, Basketball
2008: Lee Stuttle, Varsity Track and Field
2007: Michelle Varian,JV Boy's Basketball, JV Boy's Soccer

Lee Stuttle: I.A.C. Bob Springer Coach of the Year Award
John Nicholas: Ithaca Journal 11 Coach of the Year
Joe Mack: Ithaca Journal 11 Coach of the Year
Larry Hinkle I.A.C. Wrestling Coach of the Year
Joe Russo: I.A.C. Wrestling Coach of the Year
Kathleen Deyo: Ithaca Journal Coach of the Year
Joanne Holland:
*NYSPHSAA Coach of the Year 1990.
*Joanne Holland: Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin Coach of the Year1990
*Basketball Coaches Associations of NY Coach of the year 1990
*WNBA Sportmanship Award 1990

Varsity Coaches Victory Clubs
200+ WIN CLUB:
Lee Stuttle-Track and Field
Vicki Alexander- Swimming/Diving
Don Smith- Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball
Buddy Lang- Football, Basketball, Baseball

175-199 WIN CLUB:
Joanne Holland: 197
Janine Bennett: 180

150-174 WIN CLUB:

125-149 Win Club:
Laszlo Engel- Soccer

100-124 WIN CLUB:
Kathleen Deyo: VB and Basketball
Gary Foote-Golf and Wrestling
Bill Kwiatkowski-Basketball

75-99 WIN CLUB:
Al Sautter-Volleyball
Mike Carboine-Soccer

50-74 WIN CLUB:
Heather Williams-Softball
Dan Miller-Basketball
Gloria Zirbel-All Sports
Steve Starr-Football
Mike Cancellari-Soccer
Kathleen Deyo-Volleyball
Kim Brown- Baseball
Eric Hartz-Football

25-49 WIN CLUB:
John Nicholas-Football
Todd Kwiatkowski-Basketball
Trudi Ciccorrico-Golf
Joe Hassett-Swim
Christa Alm- Volleyball

Margaret Boettger Contributer of the Year
2009: Russ Kowalski
2010: David Horton
2011: David White
2012: Charlie Hart
2013: Mike Scott
2014: Lisa Zehr

Seeding System for Sectionals

Seeding Points:
1. Beat a school in same class . . . . 4 points
2. Lose to a school in the same class . . . . 1 point
3. Beat a school in a lower class . . . . 3 points
4. Lost to a school in a lower class . . . . 0 points
5. Beat a school in a higher class . . . . 5 points
6. Lost to a school in a higher class . . . . 2 points