Student Services

Welcome to Dryden Special Education

Welcome to Dryden Student Services! Dryden takes pride in the services and resources available to students within the district who have disabilities.

If you need to contact the Special Education office please feel free to give us a call (607) 844-8694, ext. 1470.

Katie Volpicelli

Director Student Services

Sarah MacArthur

Deanna Waterman

Shanell Daman
School Psychologist
CSE Chair Gr. 6-12 / 504 Chairperson Gr. K-5

Cara Smith
School Psychologist
CSE Chair Gr. K-5 / 504 Chairperson Gr. 6-12

School Psychologists
Lydia Mychack
School Psychologist Gr. 6-12

Melissa Kline
School Psychologist Gr. K-5