2/28/20 Capital Project Update

2/28/20 Capital Project Update
Posted on 02/28/2020

Work week of 2/24/19 – 2/28/20

Phase 2 
o Edger- Has continued with interior finish painting , hanging doors, installing cabinets, carpet and LVT flooring.
o Brosh – has been finishing up the last of the plumbing air and sprinkler terminations, building the sprinkler riser and back flow preventer.
o Knapp –Continued interior fixtures, wiring mechanical units, permanent power is now on.
o Siracusa – has been installing duct work to mezzanine units and making final terminations.
o Boland’s – Paragon has continued with piping on the fuel island station.

Phase 3
o FAHS – installed band room exterior railings, started the auditorium carpet, replaced ceilings in corridors in B and D wings, installed door hardware in band and auditorium areas, continued with drywall finishing in the Gen ed rooms, finished framing in the nurses suite and final cleaned the band rooms.
o Nelcorp – continued on finishes in the band area and worked on stage power and lighting, corridor lighting demo and replacement and rough in of the nurses suite for power and lighting.
o Siracusa – completed rough in of nurses suite an fitness bathrooms, roughed in heat for the auditorium fin tube and installed and insulated duct work for the nurses suite.

Work week of 3/2/1 – 3/6/20

Phase 2
o Edger – will be wrapping up most interior finishes.
o Knapp – will continue with installing electrical fixtures and devices and powering up mechanical equipment.
o Siracusa – will be making final connection for office area diffuser’s insulation heat pipe and installing mezzanine duct work.
o NYSEG – crews have staged along Mott road for the gas line extension to the new building.

Phase 3
o Siracusa – will work on Gen ED UV’s and
o Nelcorp -   will complete remaining and stage lighting and power
o Fahs – Will continue with renovations on the Gen ed rooms, demo the corridor ceiling East of the big Gym and re-install, finish installing band/Aud doors and hardware, finish paint and flooring, and complete carpet in the auditorium.
o Syracuse stage – will install all remaining lighting in the auditorium and install the new stage curtains.




Transportation Office

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