8/20/19 Capital Project Update

8/20/19 Capital Project Update
Posted on 08/21/2019

Work week of 8/12/19 – 8/16/19

Phase 2

Edger has continued with erection of the building structure, started underground masonry and started laying vapor barrier prepping for the slab pour.
Knapp will continue with their underground rough in and fiber optic line.
Brosh has continued with their trench drain install.
Boland’s has started the water main serve down by the high school.

Phase 3

Siracusa has continued  piping for the boilers, ran heat pipe, insulated duct and piping and misc demolition.
Nelcorp has installed new light fixtures in areas where ceiling grid has been installed in corridors,  class rooms and middle school cafeteria can lights, installed panels guts in the new kitchen panels, wired the walk in cooler/ freezer condensers and removed temp lights.  Stadium lights are now complete.
o FAHS- continued with terrazzo in the new MS cafeteria, in the same room they have continued with drywall finishing and have great start on the new wall tile.  Ceiling grid is being installed in the locker rooms as tile is nearing completion.  Tile is being installed in the corridor by the MS cafeteria, the freezer/ cooler is now up and running and ceilings are complete in that area.  The first of the new steel support is in the HS cafeteria and shoring is coming down.  New sidewalks we poured by the lockers rooms’, front entrance, West entrance and by the boiler room.  The gym floor sanding was completed and now has the first two new coats of finish applied. Ceilings have continued to be reinstalled in the corridors and other areas’. Demolition is continuing in the band rooms while asbestos abatement has continued in the auditorium.  Demolition has started in the existing girls locker room.  

Work week of 8/19/19 - 8/23/19

Phase 2

Edger will complete erection of the main building structure, continue to install underground masonry and prep for the slab pour.
Knapp will continue work on the fiber optic line and under slab rough in.
Boland’s will continue work on the new water main and sanitary and sewer runs.

Phase 3
Siracusa continue with piping of the new boilers, install duct work in various locations, set roof top units, and insulate pipe and duct work and set fixtures in the locker rooms.
Nelcorp will continue installing lights in new ceilings as they go up in the corridors and various rooms, device walls that are painted and pull wire. 
FAHS –finishes will continue in the MS cafeteria and adjacent corridors, window frames for the MS cafeteria will be installed, the remaining sidewalks will be poured.  Skylights will start to go in the choral rooms.  The demolition of the existing girls locker room will continue along with the band rooms, structural steel will go in the HS cafeteria corridor, ceiling grid will continue in corridors, tile will wrap up in the locker rooms, toilet patricians will be installed in the locker rooms, the new entrance canopy will be delivered, asbestos abatement in the auditorium will be completed and temporary compartments will start to be installed for the school year.





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