6/21/19 Capital Project Update

6/21/19 Capital Project Update
Posted on 06/22/2019

The following is an update for Phase 1, 2, & 3 of the Dryden Capital Improvement Project.

Work week of 6/17/19 – 6/21/19

Phase 1  
o Boland’s was off site most of the week do to the amount of rain that we received but they did correct SWPPP issues.
o Nelcorp ran underground electric to the score boards.
o Between rain Hale continued roofing detail work and addressed a few minor leaks.

Phase 2 
Edger continued work on the new transportation building foundation pouring sections of the north wall and the remaining part of the east side footer.
o Boland’s sub Whitmore fence completed the temporary site fencing.

Phase 3
oSiracusa has continued with plumbing rough in in the new boys/ girls locker room as the masonry wall progressed.
o STCF has completed 85% of the HVAC duct in the new locker rooms and A38 and started the duct work in the weight room.
o FAHS has continued the masonry work in the locker rooms, tile was delivered and their tile sub has started layout and prep work ahead of tile installation.
o Drywall finishing has started in A38 and the new district offices.
o Drywall hanging has continued in the new choral space.
o Nelcorp has continued their electrical rough in in the new kitchen space along with the new locker rooms and feeders for the auditorium.

Work week of 5/24/19 – 5/28/19

Phase 1
o Hale will continue to complete detail work and getting ready for manufactures inspection.
o Boland’s and whitmore will continue with field grading, dugout assembly and installing clay.

Phase 2
oEdger will continue to form and pour sections of the new building foundation walls, waterproof foundation walls and start backfilling the foundation.
o Boland’s, weather permitting will continue to bring new underground utilities into the site from the Phase 1 side.

Phase 3
oWe will begin to demo sections of the corridor and class room ceiling.
o Asbestos abatement will start in the existing band rooms.
o Tile work will start in the locker rooms and the masonry will be completed. 
o Drywall finishing will continue in the district office, A38, and the choral rooms.
o Weather permitting the remaining skylights will be cut into the choral room.
o Drywall, electrical, plumbing and HVAC rough in will continue in the new kitchen/ MS cafeteria space.
o Duct work will be completed in the locker room.
o Demolition for new wall openings will resume in the MS cafeteria.
o Demolition will also start in the pool room.