8/6/18 Capital Project Update

8/6/18 Capital Project Update
Posted on 08/10/2018
The following is an Update for Phase 1 of The Dryden CSD 2017 Capital Improvement Project

Work the Week of 8/6/18-8/12/18
o Temporary Classroom Roof Installation
o Metal Work for Roof
MS/High School
o Roofing work at canopies and over District Offices.
o Steeple Chase Installation.
o Under-drain Installation.
o Shingle Roof Substantially Completed

Projected Work Week of 8/13/18-8/17/18

o Shingle Roof Installation
o Metal Roof Work
MS/High School
o Roofing to continue over District Offices (including installation of new roof drain).
o Roof detail and metal work.
o Steeple Chase installation continues.
o Cutting and patching of thin asphalt on track.
o Removal of existing backstops.

*Note: The majority of construction activities in this phase are exterior work and are contingent on weather conditions.