4/22/19 Capital Project Update

4/22/19 Capital Project Update
Posted on 04/22/2019

The following is an update for Phase 1, 2, & 3 of the Dryden Capital Improvement Project.

Work week of 4/1519 – 4/19/19

Phase 1  
o Work resumed on roofing metal install, no work on fields, to wet after an inch of rain

Phase 2 
o Minimal work was done on the transportation site this week due to saturated soils from rain

Phase 3

o   Asbestos tile and mastic removed from kitchen offices

o   Asbestos abatement for ACM discovered in boys locker room offices

o   New footer and concrete wall poured in #C13

o   All kitchen equipment removed

o   All heaters from kitchen area and locker rooms removed

o   Demolition of boys locker room began, all lockers, bases, ceilings, and several block walls already removed.  Additional ACM pipe  fittings found on hot/ cold water piping

o   Roof penetration done for dryer

o   Concrete pad poured for new cooler

o   Temp wall built closing west entrance by kitchen

Work week of 4/15/19 – 4/19/19 

Phase 1 

o   Nagel scheduled to start work on the track on 4/22

o   Hale roofing will continue with the install of roofing metal

Phase 2 

o   Boland’s will be continue getting the site to sub grade, removing excess material

Phase 3 

o   Asbestos Abatement for locker room pipe fittings

o   Demolition of kitchen walls ceilings and flooring

o   Continue demolition of existing boys locker room

o   Complete hook up of relocated washer and dryer in the weight room


Locker Room Demo

Temp Wall

Roof Metal

Washer Dryer