5/22/20 Capital Project Update

5/22/20 Capital Project Update
Posted on 05/26/2020

Work week of 5/18/20– 5/22/20

Phase 2 

    Phase 3

    o FAHS – Completed demolition of the New FACS cooking space and completed framing, set up for asbestos abatement in B9, continued class room ceiling demo in the second floor C wing corridor, started install of the HS entrance column covers, completed masonry on the new events facility, ceilings were replaced in the IT offices and re-painting is underway along with painting in the new OP/PT room and Robotics. Asbestos abatement of the DES gym arched windows was completed.

    o Nelcorp – lighting upgrades at both the High school and started on the lighting upgrades to DES

    o Siracusa –installed above grade sanitary and domestic water piping in the events facility

    o Boland’s – Has continued with site demolition on the James Street entrance, Installed all SWPPP measures and began grading, Forming and pouring of the new sidewalks

    Work week of 5/25/20 – 5/29/20

    Phase 2 

    o Edger – will completed polished floor finishes and punch list items

    o Knapp – will continue the fire alarm system device installation and testing along with interior garage wiring

    o Boland’s – will continue completing installation of sub base material and start prepping for paving, continue to final grade topsoil and continue with the new fencing install.  The fuel island canopy will be installed along wit the completion of the new fuel pumps

    Phase 3 

    o Siracusa –install UV’s in new FACS room

    o Nelcorp – continue with class room  and corridor lighting upgrades at the HS/MS and DES, rough in of the new FACS room

    o Fahs –Install roof trusses on the events facility, work will begin on the terrazzo flooring at the MS entrance, the floor tile in room B9 will be abated, painting will continue in the IT offices and robotics/ OP/PT rooms, class room ceiling install will continue and general demolition of the DES main entrance will begin

    o Boland’s – will continue to grade and pour sidewalks and curbs on the James street side of DES and the site demolition of the main entrance side will begin

    Phase 4 

    o Schuler-Hass – has began electrical demolition and lighting at Cassavant and Freeville schools

    o Petcosky and Sons – have began demolition of= plumbing and HVAC system at both Freeville and Cassavant

    Events building

    events facility

    DES site demo

    entrance loops DES

    Fuel pumps