12/29/19 Capital Project Update

12/29/19 Capital Project Update
Posted on 01/06/2020

Work week of 12/16/19 – 12/120/19

Phase 2 
o Edger- completed enclosing the building, all overhead doors were installed, stairs poured as well as mechanical pads on the upper mezzanines, continued with drywall install in the office area and started install of the interior metal panels in the bus wash bay.
o Brosh – continued with sprinkler pipe rough in and started pipe insulation.
o Boland’s- No work.
o Knapp –Continued with interior building power system, security and lighting rough in.

Phase 3
o FAHS – coil fire doors were installed in the kitchen, all kitchen equipment was delivered and set and staff training was completed.  Wood ceilings were completed in the kitchen and senior seating area’s, permanent doors were installed in various area’s, ceiling grind started in all band room offices, Installed terrazzo base in the senior seating area and painted the above ceiling structure in the new band room.
o Nelcorp – light upgrades G-wing class rooms, install and light kitchen fixtures, kitchen equipment hook up.
o Siracusa – installed kitchen gas header, tied in gas lines to kitchen equipment as well as domestic water hook ups to the kitchen equipment and installed pool pipe sensor ports.
o Syracuse scenery – Has completed the stage rigging.

Work week of 12/23/19 – 12/27/19

Phase 2
o Edger will complete exterior metal building trim, continue with office area drywall, complete the interior bus wash liner panels and start drywall finishing.
o Knapp will continue with interior power, security and lighting system rough in.
o Boland’s will not be on site.
o Brosh will continue with  above grade sanitary, venting, domestic water and sprinkler piping.

Phase 3
o Siracusa – will set fixtures in the new band area. bathrooms, complete kitchen equipment hook ups and start install of the new heat exchanger.
o Nelcorp -  will continue kitchen area lighting and equipment hook up, install corridor lighting at the main entrance.
o Fahs – will remove the temporary patrician at the High school cafeteria, install window sills and benches in the High school cafeteria, complete the main entrance ceiling, final clean the kitchen and cafeterias, install remaining doors to those spaces and finish detail items as we ready to turn over and open the kitchen and high school cafeteria as we welcome back students and staff from Christmas break, asbestos abatement will start in the 2 Gen ed rooms and ceilings will be completed in the band rooms and offices.

Band restroom

Garage interior

Kitchen training

Overhead doors