3/29/19 Capital Project Update

The following is an update for Phase 1, 2, & 3 of the Dryden Capital Improvement Project.

Work week of 3/25/19 – 3/29/19 

Phase 1  

o   Whitmore fence completed back stop on far field at HS/MS

Phase 2 

o   Stump grinding and clean up nearly complete

Phase 3 

o   Demo of entrance canopy complete and cleaned up

o   Existing slab removed from new freezer location

o   Back grounds air samples run on room #C13 for asbestos abatement

Work week of 4/1/19 – 4/5/19 

Phase 1 

o   Grading work on fields at HS/MS

​Phase 2

o   Bolands will begin work on the construction entrance for the new transportation facility

Phase 3

o   Asbestos Abatement in room #C13 to take place on second shift

o   Remaining slab demo in room #A11