3/9/20 Capital Project Update

3/9/20 Capital Project Update
Posted on 03/12/2020

Work week of 3/2/20– 3/6/20

Phase 2
o Edger- Has continued with interior finish painting, hanging doors, installing cabinets, carpet and LVT flooring.
o Brosh – is 95% complete waiting on water service to get turned on to fill and test systems.
o Knapp – Continued on  interior fixtures, wiring mechanical units.
o Siracusa – has piped exhaust for ceiling hung mechanical units.
o Boland’s – Paragon has continued with piping on the fuel island station.

Phase 3
o FAHS – completed auditorium flooring, framing was finished in the new nurses station and drywall started, finish painting and tough up was done in the band rooms and door hardware and case work progressed in various areas.
o Nelcorp – completed stage power and lighting, completed rough in of the nurses suite area and devices in the last two corridor ceiling replacement areas.
o Siracusa – worked on fin tune install in the auditorium and UV install in the Gen ed rooms.
o Syracuse stage – hung new stage curtains, finished lighting installation and final touches on the new sound system in the auditorium.

Work week of 3/9/20 – 3/13/20

Phase 2 
o Edger – will start floor prep for the concrete floor finishes.
o Knapp – will continue with installing electrical fixtures and devices and work on building internet terminations.
o Siracusa – will complete HVAC finishes and gas line terminations.
o Boland’s – will continue with the new fuel island and resume site work.

Phase 3 
o Siracusa – will work on Gen ED UV’s and
o Nelcorp -   will resume class room ceiling lighting upgrades
o Fahs – Will continue with renovations on the Gen ed rooms installing ceilings, flooring will start in the new FACS sewing room and wall painting in the auditorium will be completed.
o Syracuse stage – will put finishing touches on lighting sound and rigging.


trans mech space

fuel tank

stage above