1/20/20 Capital Project Update

1/20/20 Capital Project Update
Posted on 01/20/2020

Work week of 1/13/19 – 1/17/20

Phase 2 
o Edger- has continued drywall finishing on the mechanical mezzanines and painted interior block walls, installed ceiling grid wire and wall angle , finished aluminum door install.
o Brosh – No work
o Boland’s- continued work on the new fuel island structure, trenched for gas line, prepped pad for generator.
o Knapp –Continued with interior building power system, security and lighting rough in, wires are being pulled to sub panels.
o Siracusa – has installed the underground gas mains, started installation of the truck bay ceiling fans, started the installation of ceiling hung heating units and set the boilers.

Phase 3
o FAHS – Completed demo of the old HS kitchen and walk in cooler,  started refinishing the stage and store room floors, set new door frames for the auditorium doors, continued with the install of the band room building ceiling panels, installed the band mezzanine ships ladder.
o Nelcorp – has been installing lights in the new band room and auditorium corridors, removing remaining auditorium lights, completed old kitchen space demolition and pulled power feeds for new stage outlets.
o Siracusa – Demo kitchen plumbing, raised heat mains by auditorium and removed existing duct from the new nurses office area.

Work week of 1/20/19 – 1/24/20

Phase 2
o Edger – will continue with drywall finishing and panting of walls, railings and stairs.
o Knapp - will continue with interior power, security and lighting system rough in, and pull in the new 3 phase line from the road.
o Boland’s - will continue work on the new fuel island.
o Brosh – will resume sprinkler line connections,  heat pipe and start fixture installation

Phase 3
o Siracusa – will do a water shut down Monday to replace the schools existing backflow preventer, install band room diffusers and start the new nurses suite underground plumbing.
o Nelcorp -  will continue with band room lighting install, do a partial power shut down Monday to change the existing MS cafeteria electrical panel and will resume second shift work on existing space lighting upgrades.
o Fahs –  Will continue with installing finish ceilings in the band rooms and corridors, continue framing in the new nurses suite, complete refinishing work on the stage and store room floors and state installation of the new auditorium seating.


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