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Varsity:  Dave Allen 

JV:  Neal McDowell 

Modified:  Ali Bustamante 


2017-2018 Varsity

2017-2018 JV

2017-2018 Modified



Team Photos


Game Schedules 2017-2018

*Please see master schedule for more details (departure times, return times, etc.)


4/2/18 Var @ Waverly 4:30pm

           JV vs Waverly 4:30 pm POSTPONED

4/4/18 Var vs Newark Valley 4:30pm POSTPONED

           JV @ Newark Valley 4:30pm POSTPONED

4/6/18 Var @ Groton 4:30pm

4/9/18 Var @ Southern Cayuga 4:30pm POSTPONED

           JV vs Southern Cayuga 4:30pm CANCELLED

4/11/18 Var vs Moravia 4:30pm

             JV @ Moravia 4:30pm 

4/13/18 Var vs Whitney Point 4:30pm

             JV @ Whitney Point 4:30pm

4/14/18 Var vs Marathon 12:00pm

4/16/18 Var vs Union Springs 4:30pm POSTPONED

4/17/18 Var @ Spencer Van-Etten 4:30pm

             JV vs Spencer Van-Etten 4:30 pm

4/18/18 Var vs Groton 3:30pm (finish game & 2nd game)

4/20/18 Var @ Union Springs 4:30pm

             JV vs Union Springs 4:30pm RESCHEDULED TO 4/24/18

4/23/18 Var @ Tully 4:30pm

             JV @ Lansing 4:30pm

4/24/18 JV vs Union Springs 4:30pm

4/25/18 Var vs Trumansburg 4:30pm

             JV @ Trumansburg 4:30pm

4/27/18 JV @ Marathon 4:30pm Rescheduled to 5/11/18

4/28/18 Var @ Elmira Notre Dame Tourney TBA

4/30/18 Var @ Whitney Point 4:30pm

             JV vs Whitney Point 4:30pm

5/1/18 Var vs Spencer Van-Etten 4:30pm

           JV @ Spencer Van-Etten 4:30pm

           Mod @ Moravia 4:30pm

5/3/18 Mod vs Marathon 4:30 pm

5/4/18 Var vs Union Springs 4:30pm Double Header

           JV @ Union Springs 4:30pm

5/5/18 JV @ Newark Valley 11:00am

            Mod Purple vs Mod White 12:00pm

5/7/18 JV vs Lansing 4:30pm

5/8/18 Var vs Trumansburg 4:30pm

           JV @ Newark Valley 4:30pm Cancelled

           Mod @ Lansing 4:30pm

5/9/18 Var @ Tully 4:30pm Moved to 4/23/18

5/10/18 Var @Spencer Van-Etten 4:30pm Cancelled

             Mod vs Whitney Point 4:30pm

5/10/18 & 5/11/18 Var @ IAC Championships ~Did not Qualify

5/11/18 JV @ Marathon 4:30pm

5/14/18 Mod vs Ithaca 4:30pm

5/15/18 Mod vs Trumansburg 4:30pm

5/17/18 Mod @ Union Springs 4:30pm

5/18/18-5/25/18  Var @ Sectionals TBA

5/23/18 Mod vs Moravia 4:30pm

5/28/18 Mod @ Ithaca 4:30pm Dropped

5/29/18 Mod @ Marathon 4:30pm

5/31/18 Mod vs Lansing 4:30pm

6/5/18 Mod @ Whitney Point 4:30pm

6/7/18 Mod @ Trumansburg 4:40pm

6/12/18 Mod vs Union Springs 4:30pm


GAME RESULTS 2017-2018

Team Wegpage Note:

Photos, team news, game summaries, etc. are all generated by submissions from coaches, players, and parents.  Please send along any such submissions to Lisa Stamp in the Athletic Office--they are greatly appreciated.


Division  titles: 1979, 1980, 1988

IAC titles: 1977, 1979, 1980, 1988

Year by Year Results