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Student Services

New York State has adapted the Procedural Safeguards Notice from the United States Department of Education. Click this link to open the New York State Procedural Safeguards Notice document in Adobe Acrobat. You may also go directly to the New York State Education Department website to read the document online by clicking this link.

Welcome to Dryden Special Education 

   This page was created to serve as a resource for parents and community members regarding information on special education regulation, policy and procedures. Dryden Central School takes pride in the services and resources available to students within the district who have disabilities.

   Here you will find links to federal, state and district information. We hope that you find it a helpful resource. We welcome any feedback and information that you may have. If you need to contact the Special Education office please feel free to give us a call (607) 844-8694 extension 1470.


In September, the Board of Regents amended the requirements for the provision of Academic Intervention Services (AIS). Click this link to read a letter explaining how Academic Intervention Services are provided in Dryden Schools.

Click Here for Dryden's K-12 plan for Response to Intervention.  Please note that after the introductory section, intervention plans are broken down to K-5 and 6-12 levels.

Transition Services

This section describes the transition process for secondary students with disabilities.  This process requires school districts, in collaboration with students, families and community service agencies, to help students with disabilities to prepare for post school employment, community living and post secondary education.

Medicaid Notice

Dryden Schools participate in Medicaid reimbursement as allowed.  The medicaid Compliance Officer for Dryden Schools is Janet Strebel.  Ms. Strebel can be reached at 607-844-8694 extension 1459.

NYS Medicaid Confidentiality Disclosure Policy


Director of Student Services


School Psychologists
Shanel Daman- CSE Chair Gr. 6-12 / 504 Chairperson Gr. K-5
Jennifer Pearson- CSE Chair Gr. K-5 / 504 Chairperson Gr 6-12
Rosalie Cawley - DES/CES/FES
Lydia Mychack - MS/HS
School Social Workers
Kate Benas - DMS & DHS
Mary Hicks - DES
Allison Peyus - DES
Ellen Stelick - DES & FES & CES


Special Education Teachers
Dryden Elementary
Sarah Andree
Devin Case
Vanessa Fitts
Kristen Kashuba
Bryan Mix
Ashlie Munson
Mark Pflug
Ashley Rogers
Lisa Rosen
Rebecca Siegard 
Marilyn VanSlyke
Joe Vitale
Gina Wayman
Emma Welden
Rebekah Zoll


Middle School
Kevin Burke
Courtney  Devoe
Sue Engel
Teri Hubbell
Elizabeth Cotterill
Beth Sannerud
Meghan Stache
High School
Ashleigh Berggren
Matt Hoey
Nichole Keator
Dan McKenna
Jaime Schmitt
Erick Whelpley
Speech/Language Pathologists
Mary Balfour- Language Acquisition DES & CES & FES
Amanda Jones - DES & CES
Katherine Lockwood - DES & DHS & DMS & UPK  
Karen Martin - DES & FES
Rachel Niver - DES & UPK
Occupational Therapists - District Wide
Karen Black
Sherry Hall
Kaitlyn Vitale
Michelle Dardia - DES
Jennifer Ludwig - DMS
Margaret McConnell - DES
Cindy Price - DHS
Anne Levine - CES & FES